Friday, February 17, 2006


Through no fault of the studio's we've unfortunately all had to work nonstop for about 3 weeks now. I can't go into details but the situation really isn't in our control, unfortunately. That is, the reason for all this crunch time is through no mismanagement or fault of our own.

At first I was daunted, and then it became kind of fun (as my last blog on the subject noted) but now I (and I'm sure everyone else here) am getting really burnt out. I went from animating 5-10 seconds a day at my peak to right now about 2-3.

It's been a good learning experience of course. I find I'm learning a lot as an animator. But I didn't realize all the side effects it would have. I haven't really excercised in all that time and I haven't really had any free time. For the past couple of days my productivity has been plummeting. I feel kind of dizzy today and my left eyelid won't stop twitching. More detail than you want to know!

I hope we finish soon. Our next project looks to be awesome...



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