Friday, March 24, 2006


I'd like to start posting a series of stories about internships I've experienced before getting hired at Anzovin. Most are pretty straightforward but I have some neat stories to share about interning for Faith Hubley, and also with her daughter Emily Hubley. I'll hopefully get to that this weekend.

Meanwhile, Anzovin is going well. I feel as if I'm slacking off too much though. Working so hard for such a long time has made me feel kind of lazy in my approach to work. I really need to shake that. Today I only got in a good couple hours of worktime. Which really is pathetic when you think about it. It's all about attitude. I only had a couple of hours to go to work on Monday (as I was going on vacation) and because I *had* to, I animated from scratch, a shot that I had been futzing around with for a few days the previous week. And it turned out MUCH better. I also had video reference to work with at this point which can also help remarkably. It's all about attention to detail and choosing interesting details to pay attention to. ;) Tomorrow I promise to focus entirely on animation and spend very little time on the internet. In fact, the goal of this blog entry is to prevent me from writing it tomorrow during the workday. ;)

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