Tuesday, April 11, 2006

welcome to disney world

This is only somewhat related to animation and not at all related to the internship stories I've been going on about, but for some reason my last trip to Disney World popped into my head this morning as I was driving into work. Particularly, I was thinking of a very very un-Disney-like event that occured just as we arrived for our first day at the park.

I was with two friends of mine who had never been to either of the Disney Parks so we were taking our time and looking around as we entered the park, while most patrons rushed off towards their favorite rides. As we passed the big pond around Mark Sawyer island we suddenly heard a strange noise. Upon approaching the fence we saw a duck swimming around in the water and making a huge quacking racket. It seemed to be pursuing something and then swimming around in circles frantically. We eventually realized that it was quacking at a large heron standing at the edge of the island. We realized this just in time to see the large bird tilt it's head back and swallow a duckling. The whole scene snapped into place with the mother duck harrying the calm heron from a safe distance, and a small crowd of ducklings milling around cheeping piteously out in the water.

Welcome to Disney World! Fortunately, surprisingly there were no kids around. We, meanwhile, were a bit traumatized for a few minutes.

Don't worry kids. Huey, Duey and Luey actually have NO natural predators. Those ducks were, um, animatronic.



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