Monday, June 26, 2006


Allright, no more Mrs. lazy animator. I've decided to make a serious effort to get out of this "I have a job and therefore will improve by default" rut I've fallen into. I got my rejection letter from Pixar a few days ago. And while it was, of course, not unexpected that Pixar would reject me, it caused me to realize that I wouldn't have accepted me either based on my reel.

I have since trundled over to animation mentor and watched their reel, as well as a number of shorts on the web, and this terrifying realization is building in the back of my head that I'm falling behind and I need to catch up. One ray of hope is the Continuing Education program that Animation Mentor is starting up. That really took me by surprise and is something I'll be taking advantage of as soon as it's available. But that's still the lazy approach I think, waiting for someone to teach me what I need to know.

So I'm also going to start some intensive study of the really impressive stuff that's out there and I'm going to force myself to draw. Lots and lots of drawing. I took some drawing courses in college but not enough. I always saw it as something I would get to eventually but after I took all those storytelling, animation, and filmmaking courses. But now it's three years after college and I still haven't made many inroads into improving my drawing skills. That is going to change now.

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