Monday, October 15, 2007

Class 102 - Take two

Woog, reality check. Doug wasn't super happy with my work. I thought I was working hard and leaping excitedly into my work, but I suppose my standards have diminished in the work force. :P

Apparently I was supposed to focus on balance, weight, attitude, etc, but I was mistakenly under the impression we were just supposed to quickly sketch what we saw with no touch up. Anyway, long story short, I was upset, humbled, embarrassed, and quite driven to do better, so here's the revision. Subways are AWESOME for drawing people:

And the pose from a better angle with various old man fixes:

Now he looks more like he's about to push up. The cane is propelling forward and up. The head has a more old man "craning up" thing going on, the right arm is contributing better to this huge effort, and his feet are flat to offer the utmost assistance in standing.

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