Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Sorry about the lack of updates on the Animation Mentor front. I've obviously been busy. Doug has been kicking my ass and I think I'm finally living up to the challenge. Here's my latest and greatest... DEVASTATION

I'm a little unsure about that arm, it sort of weakens the strong emotion even if it improves the silhouette... but two mentors have stopped by and given me super positive critiques so I'll wait and see what Doug says. From the looks of my classroom page, he's actually doing the critiques right now.
Excitingly, I got a response from Bobby Beck. I messaged him a few days ago bubbling with enthusiasm for the site and letting him know that my work is allready improving at the studio, and that seemed to really make him happy. So much so that he went and critiqued my pose and really liked it! It's such a relief to hear after my last two poses.

Anyway, here are the sketches and my bouncing ball assignment:

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