Sunday, November 18, 2007

Tailor ze Squirrel (week 7!)

(posting this a few days after writing due to video issues)

Wow, time sure does fly. We're starting week 8 today! I'm gonna keep my typing to a minimum here cause, uh oh, guess what? wrist pain!!! Aieee! That's no good.

I'm really happy with the direction of my last assignment. I tried very hard to make very squirrel-like acting and motion on tailor, a character consisting of a ball with a tail.

The initial goal was to have two squirrels. One is tentatively hopping and pausing and twitching as squirrels do. The other comes barreling in, startles the other one, obliviously continues and spins around and jumps up to a ridge where it tumbles out of view.
Unfortunately... wrist pain. Yeah. So I did the tail on the first little guy. And it was really really hard. I had to do it frame by frame to really get the right result out of the tail. Trying to get a nice subtle wave action through the tail while still keeping the tail looking light and squirrelly. It's taking little hopes so I couldn't paint broad strokes with the keyframes. Naw, it's all painstaking and tiny. But I worked really hard and I think it's really close. Not perfect, but a nice move in the right direction, where I'm focusing harder on doing my best work.

I also ran an arc tracker on the whole thing and really carefully tweaked those paths of action.
Hopefully I can do the second tail before the end of term!

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