Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Week 108 - Strength

Guess what??! I got an A! Yeah, yeah, it's not about the grade. Believe me, I know that. But I feel like I made a real breakthrough. I worked EXTREMELY hard on that squirrel animation and reached a point at which I was trying to nail every detail. This is something that I get trained out of doing at work so it's really hard to focus and get there with AM. Doug liked that I studied a lot of squirrel reference and felt that I had done well in capturing some squirrel mannerisms. He also had some interesting critique that I'll try to apply Friday or Saturday in a revision if I have time.

I'm doing everything I can to take care of my wrists. I replaced my work desk AND keyboard (Kinesis is my hero!), I'm icing a few times a day, constantly on ibuprofen, wearing all sorts of wrist sleeves, using a rest break program (break minder). Though I did discover that the much vaunted carpal tunnel remedy of wearing wrist braces is just plain HORRIBLE for me. So I guess I probably don't have carpal tunnel. At least I figured that one out and stopped doing further damage. I'm ever so slowly getting better. It could be faster, but then again it could be getting worse and it's not!

This is a really stressful week for me. I have a big Friday deadline at work for, unfortunately, a British company. What's Thanksgiving, eh? I have two AM asssignments, and of course Thanksgiving. That really isn't THAT much but it's enough to have me wanting to chew my nails.

Anyway, he's my strength pose for this week as it currently stands. I kind of rushed this so I'm a little unsure if the bottom right guy looks like he's in a "strength pose" vs actually looking like he's pulling on something, if you know what I mean. The top left guy may be a little too cheesy. I might do another one with him actually pulling really hard in the opposite direction.

While I'm posting poses, here's one I missed from way back in week 3: EXCITEMENT. Doug Wasn't super thrilled with it. I like to think he just hates girly poses though cause they don't feel natural to him. ;) But, no, he's probably right. The hands are too jumbled. They should probably be reaching or something. I can't remember what he said about the legs. I'll have to rewatch the critique at some point to do a revision. This earned a C, btw, as did the sketches.

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