Sunday, December 09, 2007

Exhausted! - Week 110

No, not me silly.

Stu! He's just so tired of being pushed around into these lame poses.

Poor little guy.

This is how it makes him feel:

He's so exhausted, he's stuck in stepped curves. He'll be splined next week so don't you worry.

Meanwhile, here's my revision of last week's Vanilla (normal) Walk:

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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Concerned Pose

This is the concerned pose I went with for week 109. I'm keeping it super simple because Doug told us he strongly dislikes the use of props. We have to sell the pose without a crutch. It's funny cause other mentors encourage telling a story with the pose and props. I think Doug makes sense but it would've been nice to know earlier. Oh, yeah, I got another B. ;)

It's rushed so it's not very creative or really "concerned" enough. I spent most of my time on the walk. If I have time I'll do a revision and choose the top left one which Doug liked best. He explained that he views "concerned" as an outward expression rather than inward. He makes a darn good point.
My internet is slow right now so I'll post the walk later.

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