Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Burning Out

One thing I've been wondering about lately is how one can work in a creative field and constantly be pouring creative energy in their work day after day, and not get drained out?

Now, I'm not saying this due to any sort of recent personal experience. Sure, I've been burned out in the past a couple of times for short periods of time (and once for a very long time before I figured out this animation thing) but I'm doing just dandy now.

I sort of feel like you must pour out that energy and then you recoup it by enjoying what you created. Permit yourself to brag a bit (in your head, of course) and soak in the aura of the great work you created. Cause you are really trying and it's better than the last thing you animated, right? ;)

*ahem* Well, we all slack every once in a while but you can still find something to be proud of.

If you're working on something fulfilling, either high quality or great storytelling, then that's AWESOME and probably keeps those inspiring juices flowing. If you're not, than you probably need some outside inspiration, like fun exercise (if you're like me and like to go galavanting up big mountains), or watching great films/animation, or creating your own art, for you and you alone, or whatever inspires you.

If you keep your free time mind happy, it flows right on into work. If you don't... well that makes everything a bit of a bummer. And I bet many of my fellow employees by day and fulltime students by night know that feeling! Don't forget to have fun, eh? How can you animate people if you never see them? :)

Have fun!


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