Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I've completed Animation Mentor!

I'm free! I finally finished AM so now I have the time to get back to real life, catch up on a few good books, pursue my love of hiking and photography, and muse about animation here for the 1 or 2 people who possibly read my blog. ;)

I know most people talk about how sad they are to be finishing AM but, honestly, that's not how I'm feeling. I'm absolutely thrilled to have my life back and to have a much greater understanding of animation (and greater reel) to show for myself. I'll also still have access to all my AM friends on the alumni site, facebook, and linked in, so really not much is changing besides the workload.

I'll still be working hard to finish up my reel and my short, but on a much more relaxed schedule. With that, I'll leave you with my progress reel and a promise to see (those of you who are going) you guys at graduation and Siggraph!

Note: This is not a demo reel. Just a summary of my best AM shots in order, followed by my unfinished short film. There's a much bigger quality one in my Facebook videos.

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