Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Networking is my Friend

Man, it's hard to believe that Animation Mentor is over and I'm out in the real world now!

I'm learning more and more that one of the most important parts of the school is the amazing networking opportunities. I've applied to only twelve studios (because honestly no one is really hiring animators right now) and of those twelve studios, the only ones I've heard a peep from are the few where I have friends trying to help me get in. It's all about who you know and I am so thankful that I put in the extra effort to make friends at the school and make a good impression on people. We like to work with the people we like. :)

Meanwhile, I suppose this is no longer an Animation Mentor blog... perhaps it's time to make it a blog about my short in progress! Ah, updates on that coming very soon.

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